Tim Harris

DA Spokesperson, Member of the NCOP

Tim Harris has a five-year plan � it involves making sure his term in Parliament (five years) brings opportunities to all South Africans.
At 30, Harris has three elections under his belt, one of
which resulted in the Democratic Alliance winning the
Western Cape, and is a member of Parliament's National
Council of Provinces, where he sits on the select committee
on fi nance.
When he's not applying his masters in economics to the
issues at hand or saying "Mr Chairperson, I rise on a point of
order,� as the DA's Whip, Harris is representing the interests
of his constituents and liaising with other liberal democratic
parties around the world.
If Harris wasn't building democracy at home he would
be exploring the continent � an adventure he undertook
with two friends when he travelled through 22 countries in
Central and West Africa. If democracy is about choice, we
think he made the right one by pursuing politics instead of
merchant banking. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: & Union, Cape Town