Trevor Noah


Trevor Noah says he doesn't know what makes him so funny. But even if he doesn't, the rest of us do. In the past few of years, Noah's laugh-so hard-you-cry lines have left South African audiences in tears. One of the country's top comedians, the very handsome and (pay attention ladies) now single Noah says he didn't decide to become a comedian, "it just happened organically�. At only 26 Noah says he has been making jokes for longer than Jacob Zuma has been president of the country. Although his material has political content Noah denies being an active follower of the news, saying he just pays attention to what he bumps into. It seems Julius Malema was one of those people he kept bumping into, but Noah says he has since stopped commenting on him. " Julius comments for himself. He does a great job.� In addition to packing local theatres Noah has opened up the stage for international funny man Russell Peters and was the only South African comedian to make the cut for the international audition of NBC's Last Comic Standing. But comedy is not the only thing he is good at. He has already had three television shows and right now he is working on the Trevor Noah Show, scheduled, he says, to appear after the 2010 World Cup. "I was going to do it during the World Cup but then Fifa said please don't do it at the same time because we want people to watch our thing as well. So then I was like, ok, I'll wait.� Noah gives very little information about what we can expect from his show except "just picture me but then in a show� . Which should be more than enough to keep the women smiling. � Karabo Keepile

Lunch spot: Home, Johannesburg