Tumelo Ramolefi

Founder, Leqheker

Tumelo Ramolefi , known as Tumi to his
employees, has been involved in communitybased
projects ever since he
left high school. But now he teeters on the line
between smart environmentalism and smart
"I sell renewable energy,� says Ramolefi , who
started his business out of concern for the
environment, but formed the community-based
company, Leqheker, when he saw the demand for
renewable energy. Ramolefi sells and personally
installs solar water geysers and solar panels and
also supplies gel fuel � an environmentally
friendly alternative to paraffi n.
Among the installations for which his company
has been responsible are a demonstration solar
water geyser and panels in Pietermaritzburg and
a solar geyser and a water pump that generates
power for lighting and offi ce equipment on a farm
near Sebokeng. � Lisa Steyn

Lunch spot: Organic lunch at Leqheker offices, Germiston