Vuyiseka Dubula

General Secretary, Treatment Action Campaign

Before joining the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in
June 2001 Vuyiseka Dubula was a student at Tygerberg
College and working part time at a McDonald's. But
something was missing.
"I needed a political home where I could learn about HIV,
health and politics,� Dubula says.
She found out about the TAC from the clinic where she
went for an HIV test and tested positive. Dubula started out
as the organisation's literacy coordinator but now, as the
group's general secretary, she is the voice of the TAC.
Founded in December 1998 in Cape Town by
internationally known activist Zackie Achmat, the TAC
has been the ongoing voice of advocacy � and sanity in
the age of Aids denialism under President Thabo Mbeki
� for increased access by people living with HIV/Aids to
treatment, care and support services.
"By virtue of my condition, living with HIV, I have created
an environment where young women can see themselves
beyond their conditions and realise that we too can lead and
head organisations,� Dubula says. "If I had given up, there
would be a different story to tell about me. I give people the
opportunity to claim back their identity that has been taken
by HIV.� � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot: Obs Cafe, Observatory, Cape Town