Warwick Allan

Director, mushroom media

You may know him as that guy who made all those cool live-music videos, like the one for Harris Tweed that won him the Sama for best global chart live DVD, or Lira's Live in Concert: A Celebration DVD, the fi rst full HD DVD to be recorded on the continent. But what you don't know is what this 27-year-old visual director/ producer/creator has to go through to ensure an international standard on a local budget. Just looking at his creative cutting on Zebra and Giraffe's Pariah video makes you grateful that his "no problem� attitude, marketing background and solid grounding in post-production ensure that he delivers on the high standards he sets for himself. Luckily for the music industry, Warwick didn't follow the construction path he considered during his misinformed youth and instead committed himself to constructing great visual feasts using creative lighting and editing techniques. � Cat Pritchard

Lunch spot: Wolves, Illovo, Johannesburg