Yo-landi Vi$$er

Vocalist, Die antwoord

A year ago the chances are you wouldn't have heard of Yo-landi Vi$$er � unless you were one of a small cabal of Cape Town scenesters. The foul mouthed elfin character who burst into viral fame with Die Antwoord didn't exist before 2009. But she does now, complete with a history so compelling that international audiences know all about how she grew up across the road from Ninja, aka Watkin Tudor Jones, as described in the music video that crashed websites even as it rocketed the band to instant fame. (Please ignore those rampant internet reports that say she was Jones's partner in previous musical projects featuring completely different personas, or his wife and mother of his child.) This blonde-mulleted ski-pant-wearing Afrikaner from the wrong side of the Cape flats tells us straight up that it's not polite to ask a lady her age; which, in this instance is, technically, about 16 months. She was far more forthcoming about her likes (pet rats, loud rave music) and dislikes (gerkins, guys hitting her, that sort of thing). Vi$$er's past may be part zef, part obscurity, but she's rocking her present in an unprecedented way for a local artist. Die Antwoord is de rigueur listening for hipsters the globe over and her falsetto croonings have proven as popular as her quasi-schoolgirl tease look and Nineties gear. "What a super fly bitch,� said one fan admiringly. The band has signed with Interscope Records, which represents artists like Eminem, as well as mega talent agency, WME Entertainment. The record deal is rumoured to be the biggest ever for a local, or even African, artist. They're also due to feature in a film with that other local success, District 9 director Neil Blomkamp. Flash in the zef pan or here to stay? We're betting on the latter. � Verashni Pillay