Yoliswa Dwane

Co-founder and Head of Policy, Communications and Research Equal Education

One in 12 students from Yoliswa Dwane's class at the Richard Vara High School in King William's Town passed matric. For a time, when she was in grade 8, learners had to squat in a neighbouring primary school, two or three classes crammed into one room. When a new school was built, the library contained no books and the laboratory no equipment. And when she was in grade 11, striking students broke all the windows. Ten years on, in 2008, Dwane graduated with a law degree from the university of Cape Town and co-founded Equal Education (EE), an activist grassroots movement working for quality and equality in South African education through a combination of research and activism. Earlier this year EE mobilised 10 000 learners to march on Parliament demanding functional libraries in all schools. "What's happening in our schools is an extreme violation of human dignity. The struggle for equality in schools will take a lifetime,� says Dwane. � Lionel Faull

Lunch spot: Empire Cafe, Muizenberg, Cape Town