Yuri Ramkissoon

Deputy Director, Huma Rights Commission

As senior researcher for environment and deputy director of the Human Rights Commission, Yuri Ramkissoon is the youngest deputy director in her department. "I've built this portfolio from scratch,� she says. "It didn't exist before I joined the commission.� What she does is monitor access to environmental rights, as well as to general socioeconomic rights. Ramkissoon, who majored in environmental science and did both her honors and master's in the fi eld, says people have only recently begun to see the effects of the environment on human rights. Although not many people see the need for conservation and environmental preservation, she says environmental change and destruction affect the poorest of the poor. For that reason, in 2009 she gave a presentation to Parliament on the link between climate change and human rights. "My challenge has been to make people see that link.� And she's well on her way to doing just that. � Vuvu Vena

Lunch spot:Wang Thai, Sandton