Zamani Xolo

Co-founder, Words Etc

Perhaps it's safe to state that local literary journal
Words Etc, now in its seventh edition, is here to
stay. All over the world, literary magazines founded by
idealistic literati sprout by day and by the late afternoon
hang limp, drained by the merciless sun of the real world.
Founded by Phakama Mbonambi and Zamani Xolo in
Cape Town in 2007, the glossy magazine has won itself
a following among South Africa's book-loving public for
its coverage of local literature.
The man behind its aesthetics is Durban-born
graphic designer Xolo, who is increasingly pursuing his
other love, music.
"I hate genres,� he says, but if he was to pigeonhole
his sound, he would dub it "New Age Kwaito�, which is
essentially a sampling of the conglomeration of sounds
he grew up with, but with a local reference peg. If he
had a choice, Xolo would go into music full-time or live
in Durban. But given the scope of his ambitions: "I need
to be here,� he says of Johannesburg.
� Percy Zvomuya

Lunch spot: Yossi's, Durban