Aalia Ismail

Deputy director: Ministry of Public Enterprises

From the national planning commission in the Presidency to the ministry of public enterprise, Aalia Ismail contributes to government's cutting- edge policy formulation while keeping abreast with international trends. A former member of the secretariat of the planning commission, 25-year-old Ismail is researcher and policy analyst for the ministry of public enterprises, where she serves as the research liaison between the ministry and the department of public enterprises. Her job demands that she stay on top of international benchmarking, by which South Africa's state-owned enterprise (SOE) governance is checked against international best-practice and investigating tools for the most effective ways to balance commercial versus national interests within SOEs. A Mandela Rhodes scholar, Ismail holds an honours degree in public policy, a master's in political science and is currently studying towards a PhD in political science. It's no surprise that she is often asked to address young audiences, especially women, to inspire them with her passion and professionalism. � Mmanaledi Mataboge

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