Adrian Hewlett

MD: Habari Group

Adrian Hewlett thrives on responsibility. It took him six months to move from marketing manager to head of marketing and sales at Rugby365 and another year to head their e-commerce division in London. Homesick for blue skies Hewlett leveraged off the weak rand in 2002, advising the 365 board to move all editorial and technical roles to South Africa. In six months he grew the business from 10 staff members to 60. He was 24 at the time. Nine years later and Hewlett's 2005 start-up, Habari Media, is now the Habari Group, a national media and marketing business with 100 employees. In 2010 Habari Media won the contract to represent Facebook in Africa and took home the best media sales house award at the Bookmarks Awards 2010. Hewlett also won the award for "the greatest individual contribution to digital media and marketing� for his role as chairman of the Online Publishers Association, now DMMA. Not bad for a Zambian farm boy. � Cat Pritchard

Website: Twitter: @adrianhewlett