Alice Wamundiya

Vice-chairperson: Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students

Alice Wamundiya wants to see Africa "reclaim its past glory�. Originally from Rwanda, she fled to South Africa after the civil war that tore through her motherland. Upon her arrival in South Africa she became involved in various social activities, including taking up the cause of refugee students. She founded Unity for Tertiary Refugee Students to promote the rights and wellbeing of refugees and asylum- seekers at tertiary institutions in South Africa. As its head, she has intervened on behalf of thousands of students who have struggled to get funding for their studies. A prolific writer, Wamundiya has edited several campus- based publications and magazines. She is a celebrated public speaker who has addressed a number of high- profile local and overseas conferences. She is currently studying for a master's degree in social sciences at UCT and is writing a memoir chronicling her experience of the Rwandan genocide. � Thabo Mohlala