Angy Peter

Chairperson: Social Justice Coalition

Raised in Carletonville, Angy Peter first settled in Cape Town when she began studying at the Royal Cape College. It was here that she began to live out her passion for activism, joining the South African National Civic Organisation and, later, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). "I have been interested in activism since I was a child,� she says, "but was not able to be active because I was from a strict Catholic family. My parents wanted me to become a nun, but I am not religious anymore.� After some time as a peer educator in the TAC she was recruited to the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), which was formed in response to the xenophobic violence in 2008. As SJC chairperson and organiser Peter is at the forefront of several campaigns to alleviate the dangers associated with living in Khayelitsha. Among these are Winter Safe workshops, which aim to minimise shack fires, and a toilet queue campaign, which highlights the lack of access to adequate sanitation. "I grew up in a township, but Khayelitsha was scary,� she says. "I was staying in RR section [one of the areas most affected by inadequate sanitation] where no one was monitoring the toilets and cleaning was not frequent. With more than 10 people to a toilet the problem was not easy to manage.� Peter also follows up on court cases heard in Khayelitsha that have been left to go cold in a pressured justice system. At home, Peter is a single mother of three, undaunted by the challenges of raising children alone in the township. "It is not safe, but it's a good environment for me to teach them about life,� she says. "I make the rules and nobody tells me what to do. At least they have to take orders from only one person.�� Kwanele Sosibo

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