Anthea Moys

Performance artist

Many people don't "get� performance art, but Johannesburg-based artist Anthea Moys believes making people laugh is half the battle. Her master's degree focused on "structured play�, which could mean anything from creating a scheduled snowball fight to riding a stationary exercise bike during the 94.7 bike race. But there is a serious side too � all her work is a comment on the environment and the way people approach their shared space. "For me, being an artist involves risk-taking, testing things out, making unlikely connections, interrupting routine in order to inspire, shake up and wake up!� Moys's approach has been recognised by people outside Johannesburg, the city that inspires her. She has held a residency at Monash University in Australia and has been invited to participate in exhibitions from Sweden to Switzerland and Berlin. In the future she intends to complete her PhD in fine art while continuing "to facilitate and lead energetic investigations into the heart of the city�. � Lisa van Wyk