Bianca Buitendag


When she's not in South Africa, the Australian coast is Bianca Buitendag's playground. The 17-year-old surfer from the Western Cape has been honing her skills on the big breaks down under. Buitendag comes from a surfing family. She got her first board when she was seven years old, joining her brothers in the crashing seas of False Bay. Recently she's been making waves on the international surfing circuit. In 2011 she won the prestigious Billabong ASP Women's World Junior Championships. "It's the best result of my life. I'm stoked!� she says. Buitendag already has a string of awards: the Billabong under-20 girls finals when she was 13, and every junior surfing championship in South Africa. But she doesn't neglect her academic life. She achieved full academic colours in 2009 and emphasises that the world is "bigger than surfing�. Her biggest supporter is the man who watches from the beach � her dad. "Without him, nothing would be possible,� she says.�Ngoako Matsha