Bruce Spottiswoode

Director: The Cape Universities Brain Imaging Centre

Bruce Spottiswoode has a very important scanner at work. It's the only one of its kind on the continent. As director of the Cape Universities Brain Imaging Centre (Cubic), a research facility that finds improved ways of scanning the brain to better assess diseases, Spottiswoode oversees this unique MRI scanner and the studies it enables. The scanner does fun thing's such as measure chemicals in the brain, but it also does important thing's like look at how HIV affects the brain at different stages, which leads to better education and treatment in the long run. Spottiswoode knows that his unit is more than just a research lab, it's an opportunity for Africa to make a meaningful contribution to the global neuroscience community. The fact that, as a biomedical engineer, he gets to work on the most spectacular engineering feat known to mankind, the human brain, is just his good fortune.�Cat Pritchard

Website: Twitter: @bspotty