Busiswe Beko

Despite having survived drug-resistant TB, Busiswe Beko continues to live, breathe and fight the disease every day. In the clinics, hospitals, homes and lives of more than 500 patients in Khayelitsha, Beko campaigns tirelessly for and assists patients to endure what can be a difficult and tiresome treatment programme that can save their lives and remove the myth that "TB can't be cured�. With her first-hand experience Beko offers the education, counselling and care she didn't receive when she was diagnosed with the disease in 2005. Because she understands the importance of family support and acceptance, her work extends beyond reminding patients to take their medication and into their families and broader social issues. She is on call 24/7, talks about TB on local radio and works with NGOs to provide training. Through her spirit and selfless dedication, this 35-year-old HIV-positive TB survivor is a beacon of hope for TB patients in Khayelitsha and beyond. � Lu Larche

Website: msf.org.za