Carly Tanur

Founder and director: Mamelani Projects

Carly Tanur sees people for who they are: equal human beings, each with unique potential, all deserving of respect, and every single one requiring some kind of support. When she ended her studies at Michaelis School of Art in 2003 to start a non-profit organisation, Mamelani Projects, Tanur had a clear vision: she wanted to help people from marginalised communities to help themselves. How? Through programmes that, by sharing knowledge and support, help people to realise their own power. From youth development and community-based health education to income-generating projects Tanur and her team have, for the past eight years, been teaching people how to live healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives and, in a pay-it-forward approach, teach their communities too. Intent on fostering real meaning in people's lives through sustainable, holistic and healthy programmes, Tanur sees her future firmly rooted where her heart is �at Mamelani Projects, to give people a fighting chance. � Lu Larche

Website: Twitter: @Mamelani