Chief Moefi Edward Mabalane

Leader: Baphiring Ba Mabalane

Moefi Mabalane was just 26 when he became chief of Baphiring Ba Mabalane in Mabaaistad, a small village in North West province 30 km from Sun City. As chief, Mabalane leads the traditional council and its 14 elders and oversees the community's five farms and the revenue they generate for the village. He is currently fighting a courtcase to reclaim a piece of land that is being mined for slate. In the two years of his reign Mabalane has introduced democratic processes into traditional systems, encouraging a more inclusive approach to governance. He is an executive member of the local house of traditional leaders, a councillor in the Bojanala district municipality and sits on the Bojanala anti-corruption forum. As a young man himself Mabalane is focused on empowering the youth in his community and often calls on the National Youth Development Agency to advise the community about entrepreneurship and offer opportunities for skills development.�Mmanaledi Mataboge