Chief Tebogo Motheo Mamogale

Traditional leader: Bakwena Ba Mogopa in the North West

At 22 Kgosi Mamogale leads a tribe that's spread across 14 villages in North West province and is linked to government through the traditional leaders' supervisory office. The chief works with a traditional council, 40% of which is elected by the community. Bakwena Ba Mogopa has interests in mining projects such as Xstrata's vanadium mine in Bethanie and platinum mine Afplats. His community is prioritised for job opportunities in the mines. "If we don't have certain skills we outsource, but at the same time we train community members so that the skill can remain here.� The community is a shareholder and also benefits from the mining companies' social responsibility programmes. "Depending on our agreement we either meet each other halfway or they build a school and hand it over to the community,� Mamogale says. He also meets regularly with other chiefs to share ideas about community upliftment projects. �Mmanaledi Mataboge

Facebook: Tebogo Mamogale