Claire Janisch

Co-founder: The Genius Lab

Most people wouldn't see a natural connection between fighting carbon dioxide emissions and designing information systems. Claire Janisch does. As one of the first crop of graduates from the US-based Biomimicry Institute, Janisch knows that every manmade problem has a common solution � nature. "All the challenges we face regarding sustainability or organisation has been solved by one or more of the 30-million species in nature.� Helping to solve these problems by harnessing nature's genius is the reason Janisch started Biomimicry SA � a network of local professionals, from biologists and engineers to designers and sustainability specialists, who consult and educate on the efficacy of biomimicry. Janisch also helps run the Genius Lab � an education lab initially set up to help children make these interdisciplinary connections but which now helps to educate and inspire business people to think differently about problems from whatever angle you choose to look at it, Jansich is at the forefront of a new science based on an old principle � Mother Nature knows best. � Cat Pritchard