Coenraad Bezuidenhout

Executive director for economic policy: Business Unity South Africa

Coenraad Bezuidenhout is like an image consultant for the South African economy. When all the emerging economies are lined up, flashing their best assets to attract foreign investors, it's his job to make sure South Africa has the most attractive policies in place. As executive director for economic policy at Business Unity South Africa his job is as important as his title. By day he engages on policy and legislative issues with stakeholders, who include government, media and business. By night he constructs policy documents and opinion pieces he hopes will lead to real results, such as job creation. At 33 Bezuidenhout is used to responsibility. In 2008 he served as chief of staff for the leader of the opposition and later led the Western Cape media campaign that helped secure victory for the Democratic Alliance in 2009. Right now he is focused on getting government to understand the requirements for growth and job creation. And he's not budging until he succeeds. � Cat Pritchard

Blog: Twitter: @CoenraadB