Daniel Guasco

CEO: Twangoo

If someone had told Daniel Guasco last year that his startup business, Twangoo, would soon become second only to Google in South Africa's online tech industry he would probably have laughed. But sure enough, since selling Twangoo to global "deal-of-the-day� company, Groupon, in January 2011 his business has grown from two to 40 employees in six months. As a young boy the Capetonian's love of entrepreneurship dominated his time, at the expense of his schooling. He often struggled in the classroom, partly because of his mild dyslexia, but that didn't stop him. By the end of his teenage years Guasco had already sold computer hardware, privatised his school's tuck shop and opened a cinema in Khayelitsha and a Steers in Athlone. He might have sold Twangoo for an "undisclosed� chunk of change but you can bet that, as CEO, Guasco isn't wasting any time making Twangoo the market leader. � Eric Axelrod

Website: mycitydeal.co.za Twitter: @dguasco