Dave Duarte

Managing director: Huddlemind and the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy

His short career in education has taken Dave Duarte to some pretty interesting places. Shortly before the revolution in Egypt he was teaching at Cairo University and also advising the Egyptian national media. It was a strange experience because his students wanted to know how to use technology to bring about social change, whereas the government wanted to know how technology could help them retain the status quo. Duarte's skills are in high demand because he is something of an educational visionary. The 28-year-old specialises in integrating technology, digital networks and group learning into a process that enables continued development, both personal and professional. In addition to heading the digital culture incubator Huddlemind and the learner-centric Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy, Duarte lectures at UCT's Graduate School of Business and the Gordon Institute of Business Science. This is one man who knows that educated masses+technology=revolution. � Eric Axelrod

Twitter: @DaveDuarte