Dr Andile Dube

Director: Youth programmes, loveLife

Andile Dube has always been driven by one question: "How do we break the cycle of poverty?� When she considered how she broke her own cycle, she realised it was through education. After completing a BPead, a BEd and an MA in environment and development Dube obtained her PhD in 2011 with a thesis on "Primary School Drop-Outs and Their Re-Entry into School�. Her interest in youth development started in 1995 when she volunteered as a tutor and mentor at a home for former street children. Today, as director for youth programmes at loveLife, Dube understands that "the youth make up 50% of our population, but many of them never make the transition from childhood to adulthood�. In her experience, integrated youth development programmes are the only way to help them to become contributing members of society. After all, if she was able to break the cycle, why can't others do the same? � Vuvu Vena

Twitter: @andiledube