Emile Engel

MSc student: Supramolecular Modification of Selected Antiretroviral Drugs Project

Twenty-four-year-old Emile Engel lives a double life, following his two passions �science and youth development � with equal enthusiasm. A Mandela-Rhodes scholar, Engel uses his post-graduate degree in chemistry to help to improve the solubility and melting points of existing antiretroviral drugs for an important University of Cape Town project. The project could have far-reaching effects. "Because the existing ARVs are big and insoluble, much of their contents does not enter the blood stream. If you improve solubility you might be able to take a smaller dose and reduce the cost,� explains Engel. Putting his post-graduate degree in development studies to good use Engel started Re.Think Leadership, an NGO that promotes dialogue across boundaries and encourages youth leadership. He believes science is important for development. "I think South Africa needs to produce more quality research. Currently what we are doing now is purchasing technology and knowledge and we need to get out of that cycle.��Vuvu Vena

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