Farah Fortune

Founder: African Star

Farah Fortune's secret weapon is her "vision board�. Every January she fills it with reminders of what she hopes to achieve in the year ahead. At 31 Fortune is already living out her biggest dream. It's called African Star, the high-flying public relations and events company she started single- handedly in 2008, with just R1 000 in her pocket.African Star's track record affirms her belief that "when you follow your passion, money follows�. Gala dinners, birthday parties for President Zuma's daughter, handling the publicity for the Oscar-winning movie Tsotsi � Fortune has done it all. She's even accosted Clint Eastwood in a restaurant and persuaded him to attend one of her events. Of course it's not all glamour and glitz. Fortune says she's had her share of battles and disappointments along the way but, with passion and perseverance on her side, she always manages to come out on top. Perhaps her surname is more prophetic than she realises.� Sibongile Nkosi

Website: africanstar.co.za Twitter: @farahfortune