Gaathier Mahed

PhD student: water resource specialist

Twenty-seven-year-old Gaathier Mahed's achievements reads like those of somebody a decade older. Currently completing his PhD in water scarcity at the University of Cape Town, Mahed has been honoured with numerous academic awards for his research in hydrogeology, a field that has taken him to Germany and Denmark and secured him a seat at the 2010 Brightest Young Minds Conference in South Africa. But, as executive board member of Awqaf South Africa, his real passion lies in charitable endowments and specifically in the intersections between water and good corporate governance. This inspired his plan for the future: to align his passions strategically by forming a research facility that can practically implement research in terms of water resource management. It's hard to imagine someone immersed in such serious issues taking anything lightly but, remarkably, charismatic Mahed is also a stand- up comic � just another accomplishment to add to his impressive CV. � Lu Larche

Twitter: @gaathierm