Gareth Morgan

DA spokesperson: water and environmental affairs

Gareth Morgan has a political agenda. It involves raising issues in Parliament about fracking, getting reports on acid mine drainage released to the public and helping issues of water quality to seep into the government's consciousness. It's a good thing he has an MSc in environmental change and management from Oxford to draw on when he takes on big corporations such as Shell. "The government still compartmentalises the environment into a subsection of the economy, when actually the economy is a subsection of the environment,� he says. At 34 Morgan is almost a political veteran. A student activist for the Democratic Alliance at 18, he went on to serve as the party's media officer in KwaZulu- Natal before being elected to Parliament at 27. Part activist, part public servant, Morgan is 100% environmentally conscious. He audits his own carbon footprint, plants indigenous trees at schools and educates learners about climate change. Where he finds the time to run ultra-marathons is only nature's guess. � Cat Pritchard

Twitter: @gareth_morgan