Hamza Farooqui

Co-founder and CEO: CII Holdings

It is hard to imagine bankruptcy ever being a positive experience but Hamza Farooqui recognises that even in business the hard times only make the good times better. In 2008 Farooqui was managing director of the South African branch of WorldSpace Satellite Radio when its parent company went insolvent. Farooqui believes that, despite many successes, working with the company's former chairman through the bankruptcy court process, and helping Worldspace survive, has been his most rewarding experience. And he has many to choose from. Farooqui's career began when he was a 12-year- old in love with the game of cricket. This led the young entrepreneur to create iCricketer.com, a website that showed realtime cricket scores and news. Six years later his website was recording more than three million hits a month and its content was syndicated to global media outlets. At age 18 Farooqui started CII Holdings with two partners, becoming one of the youngest CEOs in the country. CII Holdings is a multifaceted conglomerate focusing mainly on media, Islamic financial services, property development and the satellite radio station Channel Islam, one of the most popular English-language Muslim outlets in the world. Last year CII opened the Coral International Hotel, Cape Town's first dry hotel, catering specifically for observant Muslim travellers. The hotel was recently taken over by the Hilton Group, making it their first venture in the Mother City and another groundbreaking achievement for Farooqui. He may only be 29 but Farooqui is a man of old values and principles. He believes in surrounding himself with good people and doesn't see the value in chasing money. If anything, his success and failures have all taught him the same thing � that if you follow good ideas and real opportunities, money soon follows. � Eric Axelrod

Website: ciibroadcasting.com