Hanri Ehlers

PhD student: Medical law

When 25-year-old Hanri Ehlers was selected to participate in the prestigious Brightest Young Minds Summit last year she was ecstatic. Finding solutions to problems plaguing South Africa, such as a legal solution to eliminate hospital-acquired infections � the subject of her PhD � is one of her greatest passions. It really bothers her that hospital infections could be avoided in Third World countries if better hygiene practices were applied. This is why when she goes into practice she intends to hold those responsible liable. Until then, Ehlers is happy to inspire future generations through her lectures in private law at Stellenbosch University. She may sound like a classic academic but her stud-farm upbringing has instilled in her a great love for the outdoors, which is why she is currently setting up Kanabo Conservation Link, a non-profit organisation that will identify conservation projects in Botswana, Namibia and the Kalahari. We're glad she's on our side. � Glynnis Underhill

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