Hlelo & Ntando Masina

Radio/TV presenters and co-founders: Campaign for Girls

One brand, two very different personalities. That's Yfm's favourite twin act � Hlelo and Ntando Masina. "The Tweenz� may share Yfm's weekend airwaves, but each has her own loyal fans. They'd like to star in a TV reality show to prove how unique they really are. "When it comes to relationships, we never take each other's advice,� jokes Ntando. Hlelo wants her own range of hair products; Ntando's been checking out the club scene in Zanzibar to start her own entertainment bar/lounge. Hlelo's the "wimp�; Ntando's the "daredevil�. Their proudest achievement? The Campaign for Girls, a project that partners successful women with girls who want to follow in their footsteps. The campaign, which started in 2009, involves three-day "leadership� camps twice a year. Eight thousand girls have benefited so far and some have received bursaries. "We didn't have this experience when we were younger, so we wanted to do it for someone else,� says Hlelo. � Ayanda Sitole

Twitter: @The_Yfm_tweenz