Ingrid Mostert

Programme coordinator, ACE Mathematics: Stellenbosch University

One of the reasons Ingrid Mostert loves maths is that it simply makes sense. Putting her honours degree in maths and masters in education to good use, Mostert created a smart and sensible method for supporting a large group of geographically dispersed teachers studying (and struggling) to improve their maths skills �by connecting them through their cellphones. Now, in addition to face-to-face training twice a year, telematic broadcasts and online forums for those who have internet access, teachers enrolled in the two-year Advanced Certification in Education (ACE) course offered by Stellenbosch University no longer need to feel isolated or alone when it comes to solving tricky problems. Instead, information is at their fingertips. They can ask, answer and access questions left by fellow learners by using something as simple as SMS �even after the course has been completed. By integrating education with mobile technology, Mostert has helped to make thinking about maths � and teaching it � as easy as 1, 2, 3. �Lu Larche

Twitter: @ingridmostert