James Donald

Director of progammes: Grassroot Soccer

James Donald has always wanted to work on something, not for something. A 2002 Clinton Democracy Fellow and 2003 SRC President at Wits, Donald is passionate about programmes that combine youth and volunteerism in ways that develop individuals as well as their communities. Grassroot Soccer, a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation that uses soccer to educate children about HIV prevention, is that kind of programme. In 2008 Donald joined the team to put a soccer curriculum in place and helped launch the Khayelitsha Football for Hope Centre. Today he organises national programmes that are implemented by coaches from within the community, helping to encourage 50 000 children to make healthier lifestyle choices. Donald's future goals involve getting off the soccer field and into city or government departments, where he would like to tackle more complex economic problems. With his determination, there's little doubt he'll score.�Lu Larche

Website: grassrootsoccer.org