Jason Elk

CEO: Zoopy

Thirty-three-year old Elk can deliver the world in 90 seconds. Test him. Download one of Zoopy's high-quality videos, which are made specifically for mobile users, and start the clock. It's a brave man who makes videos for web and mobile platforms in South Africa. Most brands won't touch them, choosing instead to stick with tried-and-tested banner campaigns. Elk's answer � "Why not?� He must be doing something right because, in 2008, Vodacom invested in Zoopy, eventually buying the business out. Then Nokia selected Zoopy as its regional imaging partner in South Africa � a feat only a handful of media companies worldwide, among them Flickr in the US, have managed. Last year Zoopy took the Best Corporate award at Highway Africa 2010. And there's plenty more to come. If Elk had his way, access to broadband would be provided by the state and listed in the Bill of Rights. Why not? � Cat Pritchard

Website: zoopy.com Blog: jasonelk.com Twitter: @jasonzoopy