Jean Marie Nkurunziza

Project coordinator: Sonke Gender

Justice League is dreams are big, maybe too big. But given how far he has come, when Jean Marie Nkurunziza says that his 10-year goal is to end violence against women in South Africa, it's hard not to believe he will succeed. Nkurunziza grew up in Burundi with a physically abusive military father. After living through several wars, one of which claimed the lives of his parents, he managed to escape to South Africa. Today Nkurunziza runs Sonke's flagship campaign, "One Man Can�, which seeks to encourage men and boys to end domestic and sexual violence and to foster healthier relationships in their communities. The World Health Organisation recently selected Nkurunziza to join a global team of 15 researchers to study gender-based violence in post-conflict countries. Looking back is hard, but these days Nkurunziza does so with a sense of redemption. "If I could see my father now,� he says, "I could change him.� � Eric Axelrod