Justin Stanford

Founder, director & CEO: 4D Innovations Group

At 27, and one of South Africa's most successful entrepreneurs, Justin Stanford defies all stereotypes of a high-school dropout � which he became when he left school in Std 9. Inspired by Bill Gates and the young millionaires of the internet boom, Stanford ditched the textbook guide to life and made his own way to the top by starting his first company at 18. After two unsuccessful attempts, he discovered a genius piece of anti-virus software that propelled him to where he is today: sitting atop a multi- million-rand IT empire spanning five companies. On any given day, he collaborates with Johann Rupert, explores venture capital opportunities, oversees his record company or simply takes one of his fast cars for a spin. A believer in South Africa's potential to become a leading technology innovation hub, Stanford also co-founded the Silicon Cape Initiative, a non-profit, community-driven movement that aims to turn the fertile Cape into Africa's own Silicon Valley. � Lu Larche

Twitter: @justinstanford