Kali Ilunga

CEO: Spoken Ink Publishing

Entrepreneur Kali Ilunga always knew he would never survive in a nine-to-five job. His head was just too full of ideas. As a teen he started a glossy magazine called War Cry, and he's been on the creative rampage ever since. Today the 24-year-old is CEO of Spoken Ink Publishing, which was named among the Top 40 Fast Growth Companies in South Africa by AllWorld Network. He also heads the EXP Digi Team and spends most of his time travelling between Kenya, Ghana and Johannesburg. In 2010 he received a Harvard University Fellowship. Ilunga is excited about the power of digital media to transform lives. His mobile campaigns on Moomba.mobi have attracted 1.5-million downloads and he gets a kick out of using innovative technology to help young people to pass their driver's licence tests or matric exams."Principles are my magnetic north,� he explains. "It is crucial to know what your values are.� � Sibongile Nkosi

Facebook: Kali Ilunga Twitter: @Klunga