Khanyiswa Zangqa

Chairperson and communication manager: Beyond Expectation Environmental Project

Khanyiswa Zangqa first learnt about taking responsibility for the environment from her mother, who worked as a cleaner at her school. At 24 Zangqa is chairperson and communication manager of Beyond Expectation Environmental Project, an NGO that encourages a healthy respect for nature through exposure to it. It is her job, and her passion, to take primary-school children out of their township environment and into nature, using a two-day camp on Table Mountain to teach them about the natural world. One of Zangqa's favourite spots is a place she calls Empilisweni or "place of healing�. "We take a silent walk to that place and when we get there we lie on the rocks and we let Mother Nature heal us.� It is here that Zangqa advises the youths to seek purpose in life, not just pleasure. "Our passion should be what's leading us, not material things, and I think that way we'll all become better citizens.� � Vuvu Vena

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