Kyla Davis

Director: Well Worn Theatre company

Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money.� Kyla Davis is not waiting for this prophesy to come true; she's taking action now. As an educator, climate activist and director of the Well Worn Theatre company, a non-profit organisation that uses physical theatre techniques to create educational plays about climate change, social justice and "eco-consciousness�, Davis knows how to get her message across to the Facebook generation. A gifted storyteller who honed her physical skills at the School of Physical Theatre in London, 30-year-old Davis employs masks, clowning, acrobatics, mime, movement and voice to capture her audiences' imaginations and, hopefully, their hearts. Pollution revolution is the catchy title of the educational play she and her company are taking to 150 primary schools in Gauteng, as part of the climate-change action programme. Whether she's helping children to realise that littering leads to more than just a dirty street or to learn how global warming can raise sea levels, Davis is out there, every day, putting her heart and eco-message on the line. "I hope to instil in the population, especially our youth, an understanding of our part in the bigger ecology picture of the planet; how we fit in and what sort of behaviour is expected of us as loving and socially ecologically responsible citizens.� Because Davis, a recipient of the Arts and Culture Trust impACT award for theatre in 2010, wants to create "a world where common sense, thoughtfulness and love of people and planet overcome selfishness, destruction and corporate greed�, she works closely with like-minded organisations such as the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Project, Artists Project Earth and the GreenHouse. As she teaches through her plays: every action has a direct consequence. Her actions might just change the world. � Cat Pritchard

Website: Twitter: @wellworn