Lee Swan

Manager, sustainability and climate change consulting: Deloitte

Lee Swan was incommunicado when we first tried to interview her. She wasn't just "out of the office�, she was trekking through the North Pole, on skis and on foot, towing a supply-laden 80kg sledge behind her � the first African-born woman to compete in the Polar Race to the North Pole. She made it. Her motivation for participating in one of the world's toughest races was to raise awareness about climate change and the need for sustainable living and sustainable business. She also saw the event as an opportunity to raise money for local charities dedicated to maths and science development in schools. As manager of Deloitte's sustainability and climate change consulting team Swan helps companies to find ways to incorporate sustainability into their business strategies. She has an honours degree in town and regional planning from Wits University and a master's degree in development economics and sustainability from the University of Reading. � Faranaaz Parker

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