Lesley Donna Williams

Co-founder/ director: Hub Johannesburg

Lesley Donna Williams has a role to play in society. Her grandmother told her so. It's her goal to create physical and mental spaces that help people realise their full potential. She's a connector, a community builder and the co-founder of Hub Johannesburg, a creative space in which social innovators can work and collaborate on ideas. In 2009 she was one of 60 international participants selected to go on a BP climate change expedition to Antarctica. Then, aged 29, she asked more questions than all the learned scientists combined. At the Gordon Institute for Business Science she worked under Gill Marcus to create the Young Professionals Forum, while also serving on the national steering committee of Young South African Women in Dialogue, founded by Zanele Mbeki. It doesn't matter what the project is � she could be setting up a rural hub with the Masai people or getting people to engage with Johannesburg's spaces through her "Amazing Race� game. It only matters that she follows her grandmother's example and makes a positive difference to society.�Cat Pritchard

Website: johannesburg.the-hub.net Twitter: @lesleydw