Max Ebrahim

Partner: Insurance and legal liability practice, Webber Wentzel

Thirty-four-year-old Max Ebrahim is one of the few young black insurance lawyers in the country. When he joined Webber Wentzel a decade ago he planned to specialise in mergers and acquisitions. Instead, his mentor, Danie Le Roux, pushed him to do an LLM at University College London. A Nelson Mandela scholarship made it possible, but Ebrahim still had to cover his living costs. "When you finance your own studies, it's a powerful incentive to complete them,� he jokes. As a partner in one of South Africa's leading insurance practices Ebrahim has acted for some of the most important insurers and brokerages both in South Africa and abroad and has been involved in one of the largest personal injury claims settled in South Africa. Ebrahim is aware that some clients "still think people of colour are less competent�. But, he adds, "Fortunately this provides an opportunity to prove people wrong.��Sipho Mc Dermott

Twitter: @MaxEbrahim