Melita Steele

Climate & energy campaigner: Greenpeace

It must feel good to wake up in the morning knowing you're doing something to change the world. Melita Steele does. She goes to work every day and puts her energy into campaigning for the planet's biggest environmental crisis: climate change. Her task? To mobilise Greenpeace Africa's "energy (r)evolution�; convincing government, business and ordinary citizens that renewable energy �not coal or nuclear power � must be the cornerstone of our energy systems. Before it's too late. It's been two years since Greenpeace launched in South Africa but already Steele is starting to see changes at a community level. Successes like the Solar Fan Park � from which they beamed the World Cup matches into a township using screens powered by the sun � prove to her that it can be done. It comes as no surprise that Steele, a lover of the great outdoors, spends most of her down- time in nature, savouring the same things she works so hard to protect. � Lu Larche

Twitter: @Melita_Steele