Natasha Joseph

News editor: Cape Argus

When news of Chris Hani's death broke in the Sunday Times newsroom Natasha Joseph was there. The time Joseph spent in her journalist father's office fuelled a fascination with the pulse and impact of news � making her certain that journalism was the only career for her. As news editor of the Cape Argus Joseph sees the real stories of Cape Town � the good, the bad and the ugly � land on her desk. Luckily her razor-sharp wit (fellow students at Rhodes will remember her as an outstanding stand-up comic) helps her to withstand the weight of her work; a job she's so good at she won the 2010 1st for Women Insurance Women in the Media "Rising Star� award. Believing in the enduring relevance of newspapers, she'll fight to keep them going and to work on them and will, undoubtedly, one day, join the ranks of her media heroes: her father Ray Joseph, Redi Thlabi and Ferial Haffajee.�Lu Larche

Twitter: @VampyreJourno