Natasha Vally

Project manager: Soul City Institute

Twenty-five-year-old Natasha Vally is a young activist with a strong humanitarian spirit and a passion for human rights and social justice. Her areas of focus are women's and immigrant rights and Palestinian solidarity. As a student, she was a founding member of the University of Witwatersrand Palestine Solidarity Committee and she continues to help organise the international Israeli Apartheid Week. She has also worked for the Freedom of Expression Institute, mapping protest action in South Africa, and as communications officer for the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project, focusing on making connections between homophobia, patriarchy, heteronormativity, capitalism and racism. Last year she was a core member of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Working Group, a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the global movement to boycott Israel. Today she works as a project manager at Soul City institute for health and development, where she helps this non-profit organisation communicate its health message through the mass media, especially television. � Ilham Rawoot

Website: Facebook: Natasha Vall