Sally Partridge


Young people are smart, discerning and want to be entertained as much as adults do,� says author Sally Ann Partridge. She should know. Her novels, The Goblet Club and Fuse, speak to the online generation, but with a South African perspective. She finished The Goblet Club, her first novel, when she was 18 and when it was finally published when she was in her 20s, it won the MER Youth Prize for best young adult novel. Fuse, which draws on themes of school killings and brotherly love, followed in 2009, and her third book, Dark Poppy's Demise will be released in June 2011. As a freelance editor Partridge has edited a series of teen novels, one of which became the first book to be published by Mxit. Multitasking Partridge is also an editor for two entertainment publications, and grateful for it. Without that she might just become someone who "sits in front of their computer all day, in their pyjamas, with a cat on their lap�.�Lynley Donnelly

Twitter: @sapartridge