Sam Reinders


If Sam Reinders had a flashback of her 33 years on planet earth, it would resemble something from LIFE magazine: George Bush kicking back on Air Force One, a 28-car cavalcade snaking through Washington DC, pensioners, punk rockers, shack dwellers and urban princesses, whatever her eyes have seen her Canon has captured. Just about. As a freelance photojournalist focusing on long- term reportage Reinders has won a Mondi Award, for her Open Society Foundation Media Fellowship on acid mine drainage, worked with World Press Photo and taken photographs for a National Geographic travel guide. If her work is as varied as her clientele the one commonality is her passion for the human condition. It's a skill she learnt at Rhodes University, crafted during her masters in visual communication at Ohio University, and only really confronted during her internship at US News & World Report. Part photographer, part journalist, Reindersis always a full-time humanitarian. � Cat Pritchard

Website: Twitter: @samreinders