Sam Wilson

Digital storyteller

If brevity truly is the soul of wit Sam Wilson, South Africa's first award-winning "mobilist�, may just claim the crown as the wittiest Wombat (the character he assumes at animation studio Clockwork Zoo) in the land. Cleverly condensing action-packed adventure into screen-sized bytes, Wilson's mobile fiction � including the bilingual Kontax series he wrote for the Shuttleworth Foundation's M4Lit literacy project � has turned tens of thousands of teens' cellphones into on-hand portals to a wildly alternative world. With self-confessed attention deficit disorder and techno-junkie tendencies, Wilson is a gutsy digital fiction frontier explorer. Testing the limits of both technology and his imagination, he writes 140-character "genre stories� on Twitter, screams tweets atop mountains and streams it on YouTube, produces book trailers, writes computer games and is busy completing his first novel, Commedia, all of which fall outside his day job as a scriptwriter. But, as Wilson continues to prove, he's quite brilliant at fitting everything in. � Lu Larche

Twitter: @WombatSam