Sandiso Sinaze

Founding member: Rainbow Arts Organisation

Sandiso Sinaze, 25, is a musician and humanitarian. In 2006 he helped set up the Rainbow Arts Organisation, a non-profit organisation that uses performing arts, including music, to teach young people about diversity, cross-cultural understanding and HIV/ Aids. Working out of Delft, the 50 members use drama, dance, poetry and song as a way to keep young people away from the crime, drug abuse and gangsterism that are rife in this Cape Flats community. Sinaze believes strongly in the power of art, having witnessed at first hand how it can bring children off the streets and away from a potential life of crime. He loves working with children and plans to start a children's home with a national reach. When he's not using his diploma in music to help young people find their inner voice, Sinaze can be found pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a solo musician. � Ilham Rawoot

Website: Facebook: Sandiso Sinaze